Vitalight Slide Show of Crystallisation pictures with „Heartiness“ Information

In the menu item Pictures, we have published a slide show containing 68 crystallisation pictures of dried water drops. The base consisted of high quality Swiss tap water which has been structured and informed before (cf. Informed Water and Method). The information was called “Heartiness”. The images ware taken of different samples, containing each a mixture of either 200 or 2’000 ml of structured tap water and 2 ml of specifically informed water. The crystallisation pictures show the deposits of the dried drops of these mixtures, magnified by the factor of 50, 200 or 500. Compared to the crystallisation pictures of pure tap water and structured tap water, the pictures of the informed water seem to display a higher degree of matter and luminosity. In the slide show, single water drops are followed by their enlargements. The highest enlargement factors do not only show more details but also more intense light and colours.