Production of the crystallisation pictures

The pictures you find on the next page are showing exclusively dried drops of good quality tap water from a public water treatment facility in a Swiss city, after being structured and as well as informed.

In one experimental series, 2 ml of physiological saline solution were specifically informed and blended with 200 ml respectively 2’000 ml of structured tap water (slide shows 1 and 2). In another experimental series, the information was gained from homoeopathic complex remedies, which are available on the market with a standard carrier of distilled water and alcohol. The liquid complex remedies were mixed with structured tap water (slide shows 3 to 6). Each mixture contained 10% or 20% of the respective homoeopathic remedy.

Single drops of these water preparations were removed and dried, in order to make the structure of the remaining minerals visible. If enlarged 50 times, the whole drop is visible. Pictures of the same drop, magnified by the factor of 100 to 500, are following. All images are based on the same structured and informed tap water and were made by the same person. The various types of information seem to give rise to similar, but still individually different structures and light textures in dried minerals.